Cable Digger

Earthmoving technique

Preventing cable damage
Too often cables or wires are hit during digging. Flingk Machinebouw has the solution to prevent substanti-al loss: the Cable Digger! This machine enables you to dig with minimal chance of damaging the cables. Thanks to the compact construction the bucket hardly juts out.
The machine fits in a trench so digging deep is no problem.

How does it work?
The Flingk Cable Digger has a brush which rotates at high speed. The brush removes the sand, which is collected in the bucket.
Any stones are effortlessly removed as well. The Cable Digger can also be used as a standard bucket.
The bucket has a hydraulic adjustable plate so you can alternate between digging and brushing.
The valve is also needed to empty the bucket after brushing material.
The advanced hydraulic system automatically controls the ground pressure so the brush digs regularly wit-hout bumping. Overload is prevented so the brush works optimally. You can dig straight down at facades and in combination with a rotator it is also possible to dig on the side of the excavator.


Width (mm)

Working width (mm)

Weight (kg)

Minimal required oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

CD 0400




35 l/min
175 bar

75 l/min
200 bar

CD 0600




50 l/min
175 bar

75 l/min
200 bar


  • Hardox wear parts
  • Robust construction
  • One double acting and one single acting hydraulic function needed
  • Pivots with wear bushes
  • Hydraulic motor with relief valve
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motor, integrated in the brush
  • 2-layer powder coating



  • Rotator
  • Coarse brush for heavy soil types
  • Flow and pressure limiter (required when driving machine exceeds the hydraulic pressure and flow)