Type OL

Poultry house bedders

The Flingk OL bottom discharge spreader can distribute bedding over the full width of the machine. This creates little dust.
The distribution happens by means of a hydraulic powered wheel with cleats.
The speed of the wheel can be adjusted so the distribution can be controlled precisely. An extra wheel at the top of the bucket and a wheel at the bottom of the bucket prevent clogging and ensure that there is a constant supply of bedding over the full width of the bucket.
Since there is a shutter on the left side of the bucket it is also possible to distribute bedding right up to a wall. The spreader can process sawdust/wood shavings, crushe/chopped straw, peat and dry compost.
A perfect machine to create the perfect bedding for your poultry.



LxWxH (mm)


Content (L)


Empty weight (kg)

Maximum loading weight (kg)

Minimal required oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

OL 2000





30 l/min
175 bar

75 l/min
225 bar

OL 3000





35 l/min
175 bar

75 l/min
225 bar


  • Suitable for distributing sawdust/wood shavings, crushed/chopped straw, peat and compost
  • Metering roll for equal distribution of the bedding
  • Two extra wheels prevent clogging and ensure a steady supply of bedding material to the metering roll
  • Distribution hydraulically adjustable
  • One single acting or double acting hydraulic function required
  • Shutter on the left side to distribute bedding to the strip along the walls
  • Hardox blade and wear strips
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings and relief valves
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Flow and pressure limiter (required when driving machine exceeds the hydraulic pressure and flow)