Type SVH

Straw spreading technique

In development, available in consultation
With the SVH straw spreader you can distribute straw rapidly and evenly while the amount of dust is reduced to a minimum. The bale is grabbed, tilted and put across the floor chain, after which the string can be removed easily by good accessability.
Discharges to the left with a fast rotating roller with spring tines, wich distributes the straw (depending on the oil flow rate) over a distance up to 8 meters.
The direction of rotation of the floor chain is automatically controlled to prevent jamming. This also creates a regular spread pattern.


Width (mm)

Empty weight (kg)

Minimal required oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

Maximum bale size (mm)

SVH 1300



50 l/min
175 bar

75 l/min
225 bar



  • Heavy hydraulic floor chain with gear box
  • Forced supply of straw
  • Hydraulic tailgate
  • Rapidly rotating distribution roller with spring tines and powerful drive
  • Distribution roller turns freely after stopping oil flow
  • Automatically controlled rotation of the floor chain
  • Guide plate for good distribution and even spreading pattern
  • Distribution distance up to 8 meters
  • One double-acting hydraulic function required + 12V electrical connection
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Quick coupler on the short side
  • Flow and pressure limiter (required when driving machine exceeds the hydraulic pressure and flow)