Type SVV

Straw spreading technique

The SVV straw spreader ensures a quick and easy way to distribute straw. The machine grabs the bale. The strings are removed and can be rolled up by means of a winding system. Before the distribution starts, the machine tilts backwards so the bale is in a vertical position. Two distribution rollers pull the straw apart and discharge it at the bottom, without cutting the straw.
Optionally a conveyor can be mounted to discharge to the left or to the right. It is also possible to mount two discs to distribute the straw over a with up to 5 meters.
Another option is a quick-change system to quickly exchange or remove spreading modules.
The machine produces low amounts of dust and is ideal for any straw consuming business.



LxWxH (mm)


Empty weight (kg)

Minimal required oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

Maximum bale size (mm)


SVV 1000



30 l/min
175 bar

60 l/min
225 bar


SVV 1250



40 l/min
175 bar

60 l/min
225 bar


SVV 1250 HD



60+30 l/min
175 bar

100+60 l/min
225 bar


SVV 2500



40 l/min
175 bar

60 l/min
225 bar


SVV 2500 HD



60+30 l/min
175 bar

100+60 l/min
225 bar



  • Type SVV 1000 is suitable for machines with a weight of up to 3 tons
  • Separately powered distribution rollers (at HD 2 motors per roller)
  • Hydraulic motors with flexible couplings
  • Automatic diverter valve when straw gets stuck
  • Maintenance-friendly machine, only few moving parts
  • One double acting hydraulic function needed (for HD 2 double acting functions)
  • Drain line on hydraulic motors, connected to the return of the hydraulic function
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Pressure filter (recommended, standard at SVV HD), filters the oil to protect the valves
  • Machine for bales 120x120 cm (type SVG)
  • Manual winding system for ropes (only possible on SVV 2500 (HD))
  • Distribution module with conveyor belt 700 mm wide, left + right distribution
    • 1600 mm long (+205 kg)
    • 1800 mm long (+215 kg)
    • 2100 mm long (+245 kg)
    • 2500 mm long (+270 kg)
  • HD conveyor belt (aditional price is for 3-layer conveyor belt, HD bearings)
  • Distribution module with spreading discs (wide spread) (300 kg)
  • Quick change for conveyor belt / spreading discs
    • Fixed part (on SVV base machine)
    • Exchangeable part (spreading module)
  • Unit for far spreading (up to 5 á 6 meters with sufficient oil capacity)
    For left and / or right, combined with a voneyor 1600x700 (machine becomes 400 mm wider)
  • Manual reversing valve for rollers (for fast or slow distribution)
  • Hydraulic flap for SVV 2500 (1 extra double acting hydraulic function required)
  • Flow limiter (required when the driving machine exceeds the maximum flow)

Other possibilities, wishes and options on request.