Silage shear grab type KHLⅡ

Feeding technique

The solid and robust KHL is suitable for the heavy segment of wheel loaders, telehandlers and tractor mounted front loaders from 8 to 18 tonnes.
The grab height has increased with the introduction of the new series Ⅱ, which has increased the content. Furthermore, the shear grabs are provided with knives with a finer toothing, so that much less force is needed to cut. The side walls of the bucket are also made lower so that it can be pressed into the pit more easily.
Due to the toughtful construction, long lifespan is guaranteed. All pivot points are privided with 50 and 60mm pins. The silage shear grab can be implemented with a clo-sed bucket or with tines.


LxWxH (mm)

Grab width

Content (m3)

Weight empty

Minimal required
oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

KHLⅡ 2200





30 l/min
175 bar

120 l/min
250 bar

KHLⅡ 2600





30 l/min
175 bar

120 l/min
250 bar


  • Grab height 1250 mm
  • Grab depth 900 mm
  • All pivot points fitted with greasable and replacable ball joints
  • Replacable corner tips
  • Replacable front knives
  • Hardox 500 wear parts and blade
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Piloted return valve (necessary for machines with an open-center hydraulic function)
  • Tines instead of closed bucket
  • Insert plate for tined bucket
  • Hydraulic pusher for tined bucked