Bedding technique

95% of the dairy farms have cow cubicles. The cubicle is a very important place in the barn, since there the cow ruminates, produces milk and rests. Therefore it must be a comfortable place for the cow. In order to achieve this, well-maintained bedding is essential.
The type of bedding material plays a very important role and the bedding must be refreshed en replaced regularly. Flingk offers various spreaders for different types of bedding and various situations to distribute bedding well and efficiently.

Deep litter or mats/cow mattressWe distinguish between cubicles with deep litter and cubicles with mats.
When daily small quantities of bedding are distributed to cow cubicles with mats the best choice is the electric spreader SE 250 or the hydraulic linkage spreader Z type. With these machines it is possible to dis-tribute small quantities of bedding very precisely.
Cubicles with deep litter require a larger quantity of bedding. In that case the Z, S, SX, ZX, ZXS and KSS types are very suitable.
The table below shows which types of spreaders can be used for the various types of bedding material.
In this catalogue all the types of spreaders are described.
If you have any questions or if you need advice please contact your dealer or Flingk.

 Z   Sawdust X X X   X X  X*
 GS    Crushed straw (max. 1,5 cm) X X X   X X  X*
 HS    Chopped straw (max. 7 cm)         X X X
 M     Green bedding         X X X
 MI     Green bedding ensiled           X X
 K   Lime X X  X* X      X*
 S   Sand     X X      
 PM    Horse manure with wood shavings           X X
 PMS   Horse manure with straw              X 
 KS   Mixture of straw, lime and water (1:5:2)             X
 KV   Mixture of sawdust /  ground flax and lime X X  X*     X  X*
 KVW   Mixture of sawdust /  ground flax, lime and water                X**
 TP   Tomato plant residues         X X X
 PS   Paper shreds           X X
 SP   Straw-pellets   X  X* X   X  X*
*    Bottom plate option is required
**   When spreading KVW, this must be indicated when ordering the machine