Bedding technique

Often between two cubicles a pile of bedding arises, which means the cows lie in a hole. You can prevent this with the cubicle conditioner, resulting in comfort for your cows and more efficient use of bedding. Type BV is suitable for fine bedding such as sawdust, thick fraction, dry compost and sand in combination with a hanging cubicle. Type BVR is also suitable for more heavy bedding materials such as a mixture of straw, lime and water. Pay attention to the minimum free height, in consultation with your dealer or Flingk.
The arm of type BV can be folded hydraulically and has an adjustable stop against the cubicle edge. An adjustable scraper pushes the bedding material in at the edge and a rake flattens the rest of the cubicle. The rake arm can be adjusted in angle. An insert plate makes a slide out of the rake.
Type BVR has a hydraulically driven rotating disc with teeth that scrape loose and smooth the bedding material. The arm can be manually adjusted in angle and can swivel from left to right. The machine is also suitable for cubicles with a leg in the front.


LxWxH folded (mm)

LxWxH unfolded (mm)

Weight (kg)

Minimal required oil capacity

Maximum oil capacity

BV 2400




20 l/min
175 bar

50 l/min
225 bar

BVR 2400




20 l/min
175 bar

50 l/min
225 bar


Type BV

  • Widht slider (including edge scraper) 1720 mm, 310 mm removable
  • Length of tines 115 mm
  • Works on the right side of the wheel loader
  • Hydraulically foldable
  • One double acting hydraulic function required
  • Adjustable angle for rake arm
  • Insert plate for rake arm (rake becomes a shovel)
  • 2-layer powder coating

Type BVR

  • Disc diameter (A) is 850 mm for floating cubicles or 600 mm for cubicles with leg
  • Length of tines 115 mm
  • Works on the left and right side of the shovel. Manual angle adjustment
  • 2-layer powder coating


  • Hydraulic swivel, 90 degrees left or right (type BVR)
  • Speed control 2 directions (type BVR)
    Recommended when the speed cannot be controlled from the wheel loader.